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About the Purepost Knowledge Center


At Purepost, we define Workplace Impact by breaking it into the following elements: knowledge, skills, behavior, and effort. The subcomponents of this definition are defined as follows:

  • Knowledge-command of a body of facts required to do a job. Knowledge is broader than a skill; it represents the intellectual context within which a person performs.
  • Skill-facility with the means and methods of accomplishing a task. Skill may range from physical strength and dexterity to specialized learning.
  • Behavior-an individual’s observable ways of acting that contribute to the accomplishment of a task. The way one manifests values, ethics, beliefs, and actions.
  • Effort-the conscious application of mental and physical resources toward an end. Effort goes to the heart of the work ethic.

The Purepost Knowledge Center focuses on Workplace Impact development for two reasons. First, research shows your workplace impact brings economic value to businesses by increasing their customer satisfaction and creating competitive advantage. Moreover, two subcomponents knowledge and skill are looked at as essential in driving creativity and innovation, which in turn drives organizational change and long-term growth. Second, studies find that workplace impact, specifically knowledge and skills, can be increased exponentially through education and training. Therefore, the aim of the Purepost Knowledge Center’s personal development series is to enhance your knowledge and skills to be a measurable value-added force. 

The Knowledge Center offers a four-part personal development Series, each with several 30 to 40-minute online micro-training courses. 

We invite you to take advantage of the website to research, learn, and confirm your knowledge and skills for an ever-changing work environment.

The Purepost Team

Anthony Garcia, President of Purepost

Anthony R. Garcia, Sr., Ph.D., (LTC Ret.) is President & Co-Founder at Purepost Inc., and the creator of our Intellectual Property.

Purepost uses Behavioral, Organizational and Systems Science (BOSS) to advance Veterans’ careers and help companies quickly and easily bring America’s best talent into their workforce.

Dr. Garcia is also responsible for the design and development of curriculum and course content for the Knowledge Center.

Ashley Powers is the Lead Behavioral Scientist at Purepost. Her behavioral science expertise coupled with a broad knowledge of military and civilian organizations is an important reason why Purepost can effectively advance Veterans careers and help companies quickly and easily bring America’s best talent into their workforce.
Mrs. Powers is a major contributor to the Knowledge Center as a knowledgeable and talented curriculum developer, as well as a gifted online and in-person training presenter.